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High Altitude Ballooning

Amateur Band Conditions

Ever since sitting in on a discourse by Ed Moor at HFC or RSGB convention as it is now popularly known I have had an active interest in high altitude ballooning.Ed outlined a project to launch a rocket from a ballooning platform, also showed the famous teddy's in space video

Cambridge University Spaceflight is a student-run society that was founded in the summer of 2006 by first year undergraduates Henry Hallam, Robert Fryers and Carl Morland and has grown from strength to strength since then. The team is now around 10 members strong, composed of undergraduates from various disciplines. We believe that just being interested in space as students is not enough, so we are actively joining the new-space generation by designing and launching our own systems. This is not just a brilliant learning experience, it's also a lot of fun. Clip from CU Space flight site

Tracking balloons from launch to landing can be instructive and educational with many projects electronic and physics based great for radio club and school alike.

Become a tracker using dl-fldigi more information on the setting up of radio's antenna frequency in use etc is covered in Wiki pages software at UKHAS fldigi once up and running you become a loggerLoggers receiving data live from launch and distributing it via the web base server.

G4VSS tacking MAP and Tracking




Picture of Northern Hemisphere Auroral Oval
Northern Hemisphere Auroral Oval

Solar X-Rays Picture of Solar X-Rays Activity
Geomagnetic Field Picture of Geomagnetic Field Activity
VHF Aurora Picture of VHF Aurora Propagation Monitor
144MHz Es in EU Picture of 144MHz Es in EU Propagation Monitor
Ionospheric and Sun Activity Data



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